Just last year, AXA has started offering healthcare services in Switzerland. It's an exciting area that affects every single one of us.

There's still a lot of potential in making the health system easier, more effective and more convenient.

Help us shape the future of our health system! Find some APIs we've opened up for you and get creative. 🚀

Resources for you


Drug data

Get access to the complete list of almost 10’000 approved drugs in Switzerland. You get names, prices, substances, usage information and a lot more.


Care provider data

Find over 100'000 medical care providers and their details, including their geo location. Doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, therapists are all in there.


Care service data

Get a list of all possible healthcare services. Find out how much the treatments and operations cost and how they vary between different regions.


API docs

Get an access token instantly, authenticate your request, select the data you want to fetch and build something great with it!

Your API key is:

"job: "{
  "👉 position": "BPM Solution Consultant",
  "🔨 skills": ["analytical and process driven mindset",
    "business process management",
    "requirements engineering",
  "🎉 perks": ["autonomous teams",
    "great salaries",
    "career development",
    "open-source products",
    "mobile offices""2m customers (in CH)",
    "flat hierarchies",
  "🏢 company": {
    "name": "AXA",
    "location": "Winterthur",
    "url": "axa.ch",
    "twitter": "@AXA_Switzerland",
    "jobs": "axa.ch/jobs",
    "recruiter": "michael.e.meier@axa.ch"